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What's up today?

2015-05-19 14:04:34 by DepressedDJ

I pushed my bully down the stairs at school today.

What did you guys do?


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2015-05-19 14:05:44

You really do that? :O

DepressedDJ responds:

After a year with that asshole after me I thought it was time to get some revenge.


2015-05-19 14:27:59

Guess that's why you're home early?

DepressedDJ responds:

Nah the school just ended early today


2015-05-19 15:40:45

Wow, didn't think someone should do this but, ok then.
...are the stairs long or short? >:3
Just kidding, and I never expected I could find someone nicknamed "depressed" :o

DepressedDJ responds:

The stairs aren't that long but not short either.
Also I chose this name because it sounds dope and because it fits me.


2015-05-19 20:07:28

Bully shouldn't exist... I think pushing him down stair his a bit hard, but at least, he will have What he deserve. Word can damage more than punching someone sometime.

DepressedDJ responds:

The thing is that I have tried to make him stop before and the teachers have been talking to him, but he just continues. So he really deserved it actually.